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Horny Housewives 3
Horny Housewives 3




STARRING : Alena Croft, Alexis Monroe, Ariella Ferrera, Ava Addams, Holly Halston, Kate Frost, Summer Brielle
STUDIO : Brazze
RELEASED : 08/2015
Description : Double Timing Wife When Bill Bailey comes home from work and finds his wife, Ava Addams in the shower. He doesn`t suspect for a second that she was actually in there with her lover Keiran Lee! Once Keiran had blown his load all over her pretty face, Ava went to find her husband and get another fixof fat cock. The Trophy Wife Summer Brielle is a trophy wife who married some rich old guy she isn`t attracted to for his money. So when her hubby wants to get freaky, Summer gets an idea! In order to enjoy fucking the rich old dude, she imagines her husband looking as tall, dark, and handsome as he used to be. Real ex-wives of Beverly Hills When Alena croft is on her way to her ex Bill Bailey`s house. She overhears her frenemy Ariella Ferrera talking about hooking up with him! The two sexy sluts get in to a cat fight over Bill`s big cock, until he manages to break up the scuffle with a suggestion: make love, not war! Freeze, Fucker! Holly Halston was dressed up as a sexy cop, ready for a little roleplay with her husband. When the burglar she confronts in her bedroom isn`t her husband, she quickly takes control, giving the burglar Keiran Lee a nice sloppy deepthroat blowjob, and then bends over so he can fuck her deep in her tight pink pussy. Fucking While We Wait When a client invites Bill Bailey over for dinner and then doesn`t show up, leaving him to make small talk with his busty blonde wife Alexis Monroe, both Bill and Alexis can feel the sexual tension in the air, so when he asks her to show off her new dress, she doesn`t hesitate to strip down right in front of him.
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